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JMC, why doesn't ImageLine make someting like Hypersonic 2?

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Jul 05, 2007 (12:52)
JMC, are there any plans of making something similar to Hypersonic 2? You guys are the best at making and supporting apps (I would love to buy all plugins from you). Steinberg has almost abandoned Hypersonic and I'm currently looking for something similar but better.

Hypersonic's sounds may not be the best but I can QUICKLY blend/layer bread and butter sounds with synthy sounds to get something unique. I think Directwave is supposed to be almost a Rompler but its seems too clumsy to me. I love Morphine's GUI, if it also had bread and butter sounds it would be perfect for me.

JMC, please tell me you guys are working on an app like this or at least thinking about making an app like this.

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Jul 05, 2007 (16:18)
Isn't that what FL Studio itself (when used as ...

Jul 05, 2007 (23:39)
I guess your answer means that type of plugin i...

Jul 06, 2007 (17:32)
jmc wrote:Isn't that what FL Studio itself (whe...

Jul 06, 2007 (20:23)
Directwave has many free samples that come with...

Jul 07, 2007 (14:45)
nucleon wrote:jmc wrote:Isn't that what FL Stud...

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