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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 VS. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's

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Apr 14, 2012 (22:05)
Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know what I've found regarding these two headphones.


As you can see in the picture. My Sennheisers have taken a beating over the years. I've actually had them for almost four years now, and I originally got them for gaming(don't ask me why. Haha)

I started getting into FL about a year and a half ago, and decided it was finally time to get a new pair of headphones, but this time some more studio oriented ones rather than DJ headphones.

After reading a lot about many different varieties of headphones online I finally decided to go with the ATH-M50's.

I originally purchased the Senhheisers on sale for $90 and I got a great deal on the ATH-M50's for $110 (open box).

As far as build quality goes. The Sennheisers are good, but the M50's are great!

The Sennheisers bar that goes over your head is simply supported by a single thin bar of metal with some plastic encasing it. The M50's on the other hand not only have a bar of metal that's thicker than the HD 280's, but also a thick piece of solid plastic attached to it. It feels much stronger and won't break in half life my HD 280's did. :)

Both pairs are very comfortable, and I can't decide on which ones I could keep on longer without getting an ache in my head. So as far as comfort-ability goes they're both great!

Keep in mind this is just what my ears are telling me, but I honestly think the M50's sound is much better than the HD 280's. The high end on the M50's is what I really notice. I can focus on reverb tails and the high end on my samples much easier, but with the HD 280's I had a very hard time doing so. The bass level is about the same on both pairs but I feel that the M50s recreate it a little better. I've noticed that my mixes transfer to my monitors much nicer than they did with the HD 280's also.

I'd say. There's no reason not to go with the ATH M50's over the HD 280's. Just as long as you can find a good pair of M50's for the same price as the HD 280's that is. :)

I know a very well known producer in my area and he also uses the M50's over any other pair, and I also would recommend them to anyone looking for some solid and all around great sounding headphones.

If I had to give these two pairs a rating. I'd say the Sennheiser's would get a 6/10 due to the lack of durability and sound. And the Audio Technica's a 9/10 because of their build quality and sound. Like I said though. The prices are quite a bit different so that makes the difference somewhat understandable.

- Ezra -
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