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record into step sequencer gone in 9.6?

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Oct 01, 2010 (16:24)
hi there,

Just downloaded 9.6 beta. First thing i notice (other than the interface redesign and the sweet pitcher plug) is that there is no longer an option in the midi menu to record directly into the step sequencer.

Has this option been removed? Or just moved. if moved, does anyone know where to. If removed, why? It may not be much use for recording realistic drums, but for fast and fun old school beat creation it is invaluable. I've been using this since, I think, fruity 4.

Little help?



ps also will there be a stable version of 9.5 at any point or are we just working towards a 10 release? I ask because I started making a couple of tracks in 9.5 beta and now it has expired and I can't open them. Will do em in 9.6 now, but I want to be able to bash out beats into the step sequencer...

Oct 01, 2010 (17:14)
It has been moved. Right-click the Record butto...

Oct 03, 2010 (12:47)
Awesome. Thanks. Also, does anyone know if the...

Oct 03, 2010 (13:50)
Im not too sure how the changes in 9.6 affect '...

Oct 03, 2010 (18:37)
Interesting, So does that mean that old fl pro...

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