Any Bazzism users here?

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Sensorium of Quinn
Apr 20, 2012 (13:41)
I was wondering, what is your opinions on Bazzism. Is it a very useful tool to produce really good or great solid kicks? Is it worth purchasing?

It looks relatively easy to use from what I can see, but what about it's quality and reliability to give good kicks?

thx in advance.

Its Clipping
Apr 20, 2012 (14:27)
Try it. You can download the demo:

Apr 20, 2012 (15:18)
This video basically show you what it can do,Yo...

Sensorium of Quinn
Apr 20, 2012 (19:28)
ah i see. Thx . I've been making kicks over the...

Apr 21, 2012 (14:48)
i like it, its supereasy and fast to use, and t...

Apr 21, 2012 (15:36)
Love it. Most usefull plugin for a kick based m...

Apr 21, 2012 (15:37)
aodioiboa wrote:i like it, its supereasy and fa...

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