Cliche' Inception....Cliche' or not?

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Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:20 am

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Cliche' Inception....Cliche' or not?

It's an inception because the song name is Cliché, the song in itself is a cliche', and its about a cliche'. Does it make it cliche'? or is it so purposely cliche' that it's original? This is similar to painters purposely leaving blank canvas's, or musicians purposely leaving silence (look up: 4'33" on youtube). Do intentions justify the end result?

total project time: couple hours. (complete production) as you can hear i didn't spend too much time on the mix (or the vocals lol).

p.s. posted it on looptalk I would like to dicuss the philosphical implications behind the track, not the track itself!

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