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Fl studio 8 question

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Apr 30, 2012 (22:34)
I have fl studio 8, and i also just started using fl studio mobile. I wanted to be able to import fpc kits into the fl studio mobile app, but unfortunately I do not have that option being that I have an older version of fl studio(8) can i still export a fpc kit into mobile app using the version I have? If so how can I accomplish this?
Or do I need to upgrade to the latest fl studio?
can i upgrade to the latest version of fl studio without having to pay for it?

an example of what i am speaking of is shown in this youtube video below. thank you

Toxic Tom
Apr 30, 2012 (23:48)
Yes you can update FL Studio for free. I don't ...

May 02, 2012 (21:56)
Toxic Tom wrote:Yes you can update FL Studio fo...

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