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Necro TeKk
May 03, 2012 (8:07)
I made a performance mode set,and I use prepare for performance as soon as I hit play all the clips in the first row start playing at once without me clicking any of them and I'm trying to figure out how to make them play only when I activate them.

nanda K
May 03, 2012 (9:00)
first of all, it is impossible for all the clip...

Necro TeKk
May 03, 2012 (9:11)
Yea sry my mistake I meant column. OK its worki...

May 03, 2012 (11:20)
When you are stopped, use the mute tool to disa...

Necro TeKk
May 04, 2012 (1:48)
nucleon wrote:When you are stopped, use the mut...

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