Time Streching Confusion

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Jun 26, 2012 (5:24)
Hello, to the point. "The recorded signal has been sped up 16 times", how do I time strech it with edison back to the orginal speed. I was thinking of using the time streching tool with Length(ms) section. This is where the confusion comes in, how? "Change sample duration by specifying length in milliseconds(ms)." All I could come with is 16x1000ms= 16000ms but this doesn't seem right. I'm not sure either what "sped up 16 times means". Does that mean I must know the sample rate... yes it does. ok wav file are mostly 44.1hz. So 44.1 / 16 = 2.75625 * 16 = 44.1 samples 1 second. 44.1 * 1000ms = 44100(ms) time strech? hmm Shit I would need to know what format it was recorded. Lets just say it was 44.1hz and was sped up 16 times= 705.6 *1000 = 705600 Or I took the apoximate length of the audio clip 10.3 * 16 = 164.8 * 1000 = 164800. Heres the cool thing if I use 705600ms or 164800ms as "Length(ms)" time streches I get 1 min 43 sec 156 ms as the over all length after each time strech... Well I'm lost lol any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

Jun 26, 2012 (10:31)
Try the time multiplier knob in the Edison time...

Jun 28, 2012 (6:33)
Thank you sir. I did not know you could double ...

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