How do you make a House bassline?

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Obsidian Cube
Aug 07, 2012 (5:47)
I know how to make the actual sound (timbre), but how do I make it fit with my beat? I am not talking about Electro House, I am talking about Disco House and Chicago House.

Aug 07, 2012 (8:09)
perhaps an example would help

Aug 07, 2012 (12:14)
As a very very general rule, disco house has mo...

Aug 07, 2012 (13:46)
I've seen a fairly nice plugin for basses like ...

Obsidian Cube
Aug 07, 2012 (18:08)
Yeah, it was pretty goofy of me to not give any...

Obsidian Cube
Aug 07, 2012 (18:15)
XponentOne wrote:As a very very general rule, d...

Aug 07, 2012 (20:50)
Obsidian Cube wrote:Maybe I should use the Boo ...

Obsidian Cube
Aug 08, 2012 (0:32)
draeath wrote:Obsidian Cube wrote:Maybe I shoul...
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Aug 08, 2012 (3:32)
Obsidian Cube wrote:draeath wrote:Obsidian Cube...