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Help for a FL Studio beginner(me:D)

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Jan 05, 2008 (12:51)
I have the guitar TAB notation for the "Basket Case-Green Day" and i tried to put it on FL Studio but the guitars at FL Slayer don't sound just like their guitar:S how can I set the guitars to sound like that:S

Jan 07, 2008 (18:06)
help please
Jan 07, 2008 (18:44)
You would be a lot better off either changing t...

Jan 07, 2008 (23:38)
thank you:D I'll try to do something:D to find ...

Jan 21, 2008 (21:11)
Try looking into soundfonts.. Or use a synth ...

May 09, 2008 (20:00)
At a list ( press F8 ) there is under the tab P...

uncle remus52
Sep 17, 2008 (7:51)
check out some of the sytrus presets by Large ...

DJ Nobody
Oct 24, 2008 (16:46)
Chris made a really good gitar effect in synthm...

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