Getting Bass Stand Out - Some Advice Please!

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Feb 22, 2008 (14:33)
Hey guys,

I have this rock/metal/synth song that needs the bass sorting so It really stands out but dosent dominate the mix. I'm using BooBass 'n' I cant get the tone I want. Any one got some good multiband compression tips for bass? I've tried boosting 50-100 but it's clashing with the kick to much. Not only that it just sounds a little muddy. I really want the low notes to be felt and the hight notes to be heard with some Oompf to it :)

Also, how do you set up a kick and bass side chain in FL?

Feb 22, 2008 (14:43)
Dingo wrote: I've tried boosting 50-100 but it'...

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