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Nov 15, 2014 (20:50)
I just imported some of my favourite DX pre-sets, and realized I cant set up a basic pitch mod wheel.
There is not one on sytrus I can assign a controller to. I like to play DX machines with aftertouch - for those kind of 80's stabs with delayed mod, but again what on sytrus can I link this to?

There are the X/Y controllers - but I can't see how to assign these to a global mod/vib parameter.

What am I not seeing?


Nov 16, 2014 (15:18)
Pitch wheel msgs are not CC msg's like the mod ...

Nov 16, 2014 (18:50)
I can easily assign aftertouch or any wheel to ...

Nov 16, 2014 (19:27)
Depends on the patch, you can use a free oscill...
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Nov 17, 2014 (4:37)
I did some searches in the fantastic manual and...

Nov 17, 2014 (4:50)
For a vibrato, you might want to assign an exte...

Nov 21, 2014 (5:45)
thanks for the help everyone if you right click...

Nov 21, 2014 (18:42)
I'll have to try that. Thanks for the tip.

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