Sytrus: How flexible is it?

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Jun 03, 2013 (4:09)
So I just upgraded my producer edition to signature edition solely for the SoundFont Player and Maximus, so I figured Sytrus was probably a nice throw-in. I've realized now how versatile it truly is, and it looks like it's Image-Line's most versatile synth overall, as it is a true hybrid synth. However, for things like basic, standard house, would I be able to use it as my main synth? Meaning, could I use it for all the sounds I would need without having to purchase a different synth, such as Sylenth, or Massive?

Jun 03, 2013 (13:01)
Yes definitely. I've used it many times for bas...
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Jun 03, 2013 (19:37)
Nice! Just curious as well, Sytrus can do addit...

Jun 04, 2013 (4:16)
Velocijacktor wrote:Nice! Just curious as well,...

Aug 16, 2013 (4:43)
Really the only down side to using Sytrus I've ...

Aug 16, 2013 (16:04)
RKdogg wrote:Really the only down side to using...

the machine
Oct 04, 2013 (23:00)
Velocijacktor wrote:So I just upgraded my produ...

DJ Nobody
Oct 05, 2013 (9:58)
the machine wrote:Velocijacktor wrote:So I just...

Mar 16, 2014 (3:55)
Sytrus is my favorite plugin because you can re...
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Dr. G
Mar 20, 2014 (18:58)
Sytrus is really, really flexible. I bought Na...

Dr. G
Mar 20, 2014 (18:59)
But for the longest time, I did all my sounds i...