Light Shard's 5 Features for FPC

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Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:43 pm

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Light Shard's 5 Features for FPC

Hi guys, girls :) and Image Line developers!

I have 5 features for FPC that I would love to see in a future update (when you have time of course :) ), and that I think would be beneficial for other producers as well.

Light Shard's 5 Features for FPC:
    - Cut/Cut by menu where we can route exactly which pads affect other pads.(Helpful when using many samples at once)
    ! My Idea Maybe a button that flips the pads window around leading to a similar interface such as patcher?
    - Frequency shifter knob next to the pitch knob for each sample (so that higher frequencies aren't lost when pitching a sample down)
    - Sample start position knob like the one in the FL 12.9 beta 1 sampler
    - FL Sampler features in FPC
    - ADSR use the sample waveform as a background so it's easier to get volume timings right.

I really love using FPC as it makes programming drums much faster and easier. How it integrates into the piano roll is also really seamless and makes having to switch between multiple piano roll windows to program drums much less of a hassle.

These are of course just suggestions on how I think FPC could further improve workflow for some FL users in regards to Drums and other samples.

If you agree with what I said please give this thread a Like on the left.
And if anyone feels that I'm wrong, or some/all the features that I mentioned seem useless, feel free to tell me down below.
I'd like to see what some other FL users think would be a good addition to FPC so comment them below :) .

~Light Shard

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