Visualization not exporting.

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Systematic Mechanic
Nov 01, 2011 (2:23)
I'm using FL 10.0.8 Producer E. and I made a simple
drum pattern and made a ZGE Vis preset and exported
to wav file and I get a .wmv file with no video.

All I'm using are the default export settings.
Running Win XP and tried both VLC Media Player and
WMP 11.

Can anyone help? I'd really like to make some videos.
Thanks in advance if you do help.

Nov 01, 2011 (3:10)
Try the tips found here - sounds like the exact...

Systematic Mechanic
Nov 01, 2011 (3:47)
Code: Select all[size=85]00000001 ...
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Nov 01, 2011 (4:36)
Preset works for me - and the video export als...

VilleK (staff)
Nov 01, 2011 (9:06)
Strange, from the log you posted in seems like ...

Systematic Mechanic
Nov 01, 2011 (21:02)
Code: Select allOS Windows XP Home Edition Serv...

Systematic Mechanic
Nov 03, 2011 (23:52)
It's working now.What happened was I tried to u...

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