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[UPDATED] The Silk Collection - 100+ Self Made MIDIs

contains scores and melodies for FL Studio
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Jun 03, 2013 (19:29)
Hi everyone,

I've made a few melodies and put them togheter in MIDI packs. I'm currently working on a 5th edition. Give me your feedback, please :)

Here are the 4 presentation videos:

Daeron's Trance MIDI Pack:

Download : MIDI Pack + .FLP

The Silk Collection Vol.1:

Download : MIDI Pack

The Silk Collection Vol.2:

Download : MIDI Pack

The Silk Collection Vol.3:

Download : MIDI Pack

Don't hesitate to follow me on Facebook, Soundcloud & Youtube:)

Enjoy ! ~
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Jun 06, 2013 (14:48)
Some really nice melodies here, thanks for shar...

Jun 20, 2013 (10:33)
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Jan 10, 2014 (14:48)
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Dec 17, 2014 (0:45)
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May 05, 2015 (20:44)
Great scores! Thanks!!

May 22, 2015 (10:13)
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May 24, 2015 (20:57)
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Dec 29, 2015 (8:07)
so generous of you, thank you!

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