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edit browse tab error

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Apr 22, 2011 (4:04)
Hi all of a sudden I have on all my projects on all pages/subpages original text(latin one) and below in a really tiny square I see content of the page but when I click on browse everything is fine...also if I publish project....check pics

I have another question.....found an older post:
here are 3 steps to do this
1: in template editor/html tab remove this line:
<div id="nav"><ul id="smenu">%LEVEL2MENU%<li><!--%area(area1,157px,)%--></li></ul></div>
2: in template editor/css tab :
change width to 970px in #xm1 line
3: in ezgenerator3/data/your project name/template/site.ini change line
to: [bmode.ini]290|10|0|0|30|30|150|980|[END]

restart ezg and rebuild

I did on this project earea remove but not site.ini and I wonder what is this line for?

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Site Admin
Apr 22, 2011 (14:25)
hi please read this : http://www.ezgenerator.c...
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