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Footer Issue (weird)

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Edgar Serrano
Apr 27, 2012 (18:39)
Hello Team:
I am having a strange footer behavior in two pages I just added and I am not sure what might be causing it.

I added a NEW page (blank) and added some content I copied from a word file;
and on the browser it looked good, but when I UPLOADED the page the footer was switched to the
upper right side of the page as you can see on the attached Picture and links.

I would appreciate any help and advice.
footer issue.JPG
footer issue.JPG (52.37 KiB) Viewed 81 times
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Site Admin
Apr 27, 2012 (19:17)
higo to project template, template editor -->...
Image line

Edgar Serrano
Apr 27, 2012 (22:10)
Thank you very much it worked like a charm.

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