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Thanks EZGen Team! My recent story.

General Web Design Talk (no tech support for EZGenerator here)
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Feb 11, 2013 (1:35)
Hi, well recently I decided to try something new to redesign my site. I had to pay for a year subscription for EZGen so before I did that I looked around.
Tried several CMS's, Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. These were fine (and free for the most part) but to make many changes you really need good coding knowledge.
So then I tried several of the new browser based site builders, Weebly, Breezi and Jimdo. All of which were really simple but very limited. Again, if you wanted to make any big changes you needed to be a good coder.

So then I took a look back at EZGen and discovered many options I hadn't noticed before. Sure glad I did. My update is coming along great and my site is looking better than ever.
Wasted several weeks looking around just to come back. $40 a year is a deal.

Plus if I ever get better at coding I know that EZGen has the capability to handle everything.

The only thing though, is you guys need to get the word out more. After looking at all the reviews of site builders, EZGen was almost never mentioned.
My opinion it's the best thing out there. Could pay $400 for thanks.

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