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My first site almost finally starting to look like something

General Web Design Talk (no tech support for EZGenerator here)
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Roger Fairley
Jun 22, 2007 (5:41)
Hi All,
Could use some expertise on how to improve my 1st website.
All comments would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks ImageLine! This is some cool stuff :D

I know I still need to work on my audio demo's.
I'm Using FL Studio XXL :) with a little help from HALion 3.

Jun 29, 2007 (23:21)
Nice site. I got the Windows Media Player 11 e...

Roger Fairley
Jun 29, 2007 (23:26)
I use internet explorer but there is a fix on t...

Jun 30, 2007 (0:04)
Thanks much for the tip, link, and help. Jim

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