Micro-Analysis of Wave Forms

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Aug 22, 2007 (17:17)
When I first noticed this plug-in was over the moon, thinking it might be able to show me the sound being produced in minute details, for sound sculpturingÂ…Â…
Though Fruity has the oscilloscope, it is hard to see whilst playing and close enough to make minute changes in exciters (subtractive synthesis)Â…
So would love to see more minute details and Zoom of the oscilloscope, so you can zoom in and see the fractions of sound added or removedÂ….
Also a way to automatically pause the wave after playingÂ….so you can virtually see and take any sound in stages, too pieces.
So when we are producing sounds in Fruity synthesizers, you can make minute changes, which might not be heard, yet still exist.

Sep 27, 2007 (7:34)
Hi. I think what you are talking about might be...

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