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Idea to get more users posting in S/E and more $$$ for IL

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Jul 27, 2012 (9:00)
Have a button on Song Exchange posts that allows users to donate x amount of IL-Cash to forum members. So if people want feedback or listens, the incentive is that any users that offer such things may get a little donation of IL-Cash to buy IL stuff. The money wold be transferred from one user's IL Cash/Vcash to the other- no paypal, ect involved.

Everybody is happy right?

More plays, more feedback, more member activity and more $ for IL wooot!

Wouldn't you be willing to donate .50 cents or a buck to a forum member who takes their time to listen to your crappy music and give some good feedback?

Crazy idea, I know. Just a thought.

Jul 31, 2012 (7:51)
GGonz wrote:Have a button on Song Exchange post...

Jul 31, 2012 (11:38)
o_oI was thinking like a buck or so for some go...

Aug 01, 2012 (3:08)
I don't like this idea for some reason.I can't ...

Aug 03, 2012 (11:15)
Would prefer user presets available in the IL C...

Aug 03, 2012 (22:39)
Cool idea with the presets.All I'm saying is......

Aug 04, 2012 (4:04)
Paranoia mode: maybe all the people who used to...

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