Sound Forge users? A troubling problem.

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synaptic flow
Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:01 am

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Sound Forge users? A troubling problem.

So I have used Sound Forge for at least a decade now. I have SF Audio Studio 10 and SF Pro 10.

And recently I discovered something very troubling and I'm pretty unhappy about it because I think I'm going to have a lot of further disappointment ahead of me.

I lay it out simply. Recently I started using a spectrum analyzer to look at the mp3s that I DJ with. I will often use SF and FL Studio to
make my own remixes or edits of songs. Sometimes the source is WAV and sometimes it is mp3. Sometimes I will just give older songs
a volume boost with the SF limiter.

I began to notice that when I looked at mp3s that were created by Sound Forge, the spectrum analyzer would show that my mp3s were
identified as 320kbps yet the frequency graph shows that they are a much lower bit rate! This is beyond bad because it is possible that I have messed up tons of mp3s and songs that I edited and resaved.

So just to make sure you guys understand what I'm saying. When I re save an mp3 in either version of Sound Forge, my spectrum analyzer says that it is in fact 320kbps but the frequency information reads more like it is 192kbps. A lot of information is missing.

So I began to download various freeware editors and even a video editor. Every single one correctly re saves or converts to mp3 and the spectrum analyzer shows a much more appropriate amount of frequency range.

Here is the real kicker. In most cases, the file sizes are the same no matter what editor I use.

How on earth is Sound Forge saving my mp3s at the wrong bitrate, yet having the same file size? And if it's the same filesize, how is more frequency information missing that what should be?

I really like Sound Forge and hate to have to start using two editors or going with something else totally.

I'm sick at the thought of how many of my songs might be ruined and a lot of them I won't have unaltered backups for. :(

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