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Recommend me a tablet

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Apr 08, 2012 (16:00)
My little girl fell in love with my sisters iPad when she stayed over recently, and she's selling her wii to get a tablet. She'll just be using it for drawing, games and youtube viewing really, but I might borrow it for music stuff and work app's (math things like wolfram alpha etc) while she's at school. I'm thinking more android because I dislike the way apple close off their systems and development - any good recommendations on android tablets? Anything exciting just round the corner that I may want to hang on for?

Also, anyone used the wolfram alpha android app - does it actually offer anything over just visiting the website, or is it not worth the money?

Apr 08, 2012 (17:57)
i would suggest the 10 inch samsung galaxy tab.

Apr 08, 2012 (20:23)
This:I think most tablets are near useless curr...

Apr 09, 2012 (6:10)
As an Android tablet and phone owner, just get ...

Apr 10, 2012 (10:07)
Thanks for the recommendations guys - think its...

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