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bass guitar

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May 03, 2012 (4:07)
keys aren't as motivating to me, I'm not at all a good key player, but I can read/compose
however just reading and writing scores becomes a chore if you don't possess performance skill (imho)
so im looking for wise option for my first electric bass guitar, come at me bros..

Its Clipping
May 04, 2012 (12:54)
Hardly any bass players even read scores though...

May 04, 2012 (13:12)
well, I wouldn't know what the statistics are f...

May 08, 2012 (20:54)
I took up bass a few years ago - I bought a bas...

May 08, 2012 (23:29)
thank you very much nick, I've never tried read...

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