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Novation SL MK II & Groove Machine

MIDI Controllers FL Studio officially support
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Nov 15, 2011 (5:18)
Groove Machine Automap template for the Novation SL MK II

novationp-25sl-mkii.jpg (38.16 KiB) Viewed 3947 times

* Make sure to launch Groove Machine(automap).dll
* Load by going to file > open in the Automap software.
* If you want this template to load automatically with groove machine go to File > Set as default control map for this client"
* It should be easy to customize the layout to something of your preference if call the controls are not mapped to how you prefer.

There are 2 pages

First page is geared towards live performance with controls focused around the EXT Controls, mutings for each channel, and fx control.
Second page is geared towards composing and has most controls focused around the synth and envelope controls.

For best results use with the keyboard version and map the lower keys to the stutter and channel select controls (I used the black ones for stutter fx and the white ones to select the sampler / synth)

Template by Toby Emerson
_________________ (2 KiB) Downloaded 346 times
What's this knob do? The F1 key is your friend!

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