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korg ms-20 controler

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Richard Piette
Jul 14, 2009 (6:29)
i just got my hand on a korg ms-20 controler . is there a way i can map it to the ms-20 software without having to do it one by one .
like in the stand alone it reconise automaticly the controler. is there a way i can do this inside fruty loop.


Apr 06, 2010 (8:42)
I got exactly same problem. I selected ms-20 te...

Apr 06, 2010 (13:55)
I uesed to own an MS 20 controller but don't re...

Apr 06, 2010 (13:59)
Thanks for the answer, mate. Yes I have all dri...

Apr 06, 2010 (18:37)
Hey image-line! anybody reads that?

Apr 16, 2012 (18:24)
same problem here~!!!

Apr 23, 2012 (13:26)
Works for me... since v10.5b. Make sure you set...

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