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Transport Controls with Keystation Pro 88

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Oct 15, 2007 (20:16)
Hi guys,

I have a serious nagging issue. Everything on my Pro 88 works fine. Thats great. Everything but the bleepin transport controls... looked everywhere on the net and cant seem to find a solution. I have tried to select the Tascam US-428 controller under Midi Input and the transport buttons work after assigning them. However, this disables half of my knobs and faders. Surely there must be a solution...?

Please help. This has been bugging me for a year now! :(

Oct 21, 2007 (19:03)
FL does not, by default, support SysEx midi dat...

Oct 25, 2007 (4:01)
"They" meaning, the transport buttons...

Dec 08, 2007 (1:12)
You say it doesn't support them "by defaul...

Feb 13, 2008 (0:43)
Please elaborate, make a youtube video, do some...

Apr 01, 2008 (17:54)
For pete's sake. If you're going to post to say...

Apr 03, 2008 (3:20)
Well now FL8 is out its pretty redundant, they ...

Apr 06, 2008 (15:54) like a charm now...thanks IL guys, you...

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