Mapping internal MIDI Controllers to external device

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Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:03 am

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Mapping internal MIDI Controllers to external device

Hi there,
I need to know the following: I have an Access Virus synthesizer and I'm routing it via an i/o USB device into my FL Studio. All works fine, except that I now want to automate one of the knobs (CUTOFF) with an Internal Controller. So, i.e., I created a dashboard channel, selected a wheel and with this wheel I want to control the external cutoff knob on the synth. I know that I will have to route it to the synths coherent CC, but I'm pretty much overextended with the situation. Has anyone had this issue or can anyone explain to me how FL Studio works with this issue?
I do not need to know anything regarding the Access Virus. I will figure that out by myself (unless someone knows the synth and it's easy for him or her to explain).
Hope to have explained the issue sufficiently,

Robert Mint

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