MPC500 as a midicontroller

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DJ Rydall
Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:15 pm

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MPC500 as a midicontroller

I cannot get my MPC500 to work as a midicontroller in FL Studio? I followed your guide, which I for some reason cannot find anymore..

On the MPC500:

1. I've gone to the MIDI/Sync menu.
2. I've pressed Mode + PAD 7.
3. I've turned the data wheel to display "Sync."
4. I've pressed the DOWN cursor.
5. I've used the data wheel to change the sync mode to "Slave."

In FL Studio:

1. I've gone to the Options Menu > MIDI Settings or press F10 on your keyboard.
2. Under the Output section, I've choosen the device port of My MIDI interface (MIDI OUT of the Audio-card).
3. I've enabled "Send Master Sync."
4. I've selected the Synchronization Type "MIDI Clock."

But FL Studio isn´t getting any MIDI input signal at all when pressing a pad on the MPC? When I press play in FL Studio, the MIDI / audio sync beat is blinking blue and green.

I use the M-Audio Uno as MIDI interface. I wonder if it´s broke, and thats why it doesn´t work? It just keep blinking. Ive installed drivers from M-Audios webpage.
Or is it some setting in FL Studio or the MPC that is wrong? I use ASIO4ALL v2.

I hope someone can tell me whether it´s FL Studio, Uno or the MPC that do not work? Or have I done something wrong?

Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:43 am

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Re: MPC500 as a midicontroller

Try this, its the same u do and some other opti...

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