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Axiom 49 Buttons (not Transport)

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Jun 23, 2011 (6:03)
How do I get the mute buttons (under the faders) to work with the mixer in FL Studio, on the Axiom 49 2nd GEN? I wish the keyboard work the same way it does it LOGIC, it's amazing. Is there DirectLink mode coming or being able to assign a control button to the mute buttons on a Keyboard?

To be clear my wish: A button under the fader that can mute or solo (You'd be able to choose which of those two) the track on the Axiom 49 2nd GEN.

It's the last thing I would likes is having the ability to use my faders like I do in Apple LOGIC. The last fader on the right (It would be left for FL STUDIO) is the master control. Pushing the Track buttons moves the rest of the fader controls down. eg. Faders 1 through 8 control faders 1 thorugh 8 in the software. You push the track button once faders 1 through 8 jump to control faders 9 through 16 in the software. The mute buttons under the faders would follow along.

The Axiom 2nd GEN family seems like a very popular keyboard among FL STUDIO users. Can I get some support from the community on this? I've also asked M-Audio for some attention to this as well.

Jul 31, 2011 (6:34)
Yes, can Image Line please directly support the...

Apr 06, 2012 (23:59)
I'd love for something like this to happen. Bot...

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