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Halloween Contest - Sounddesign: Scare us!

The place where old contests go to rest...
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Oct 11, 2011 (22:10)
;-) it's a great new contest by Blastwave FX Sounddesign.

Do you think you have what it takes to scare the hell out of someone in 30 seconds or less using only sound? Here’s your chance to prove it, and win SONOPEDIA 2.0! But beware, the judges aren’t easily scared… Alan Howarth (Sound Designer / Composer on films such as Halloween, Poltergeist and Gremlins), Matt Busch (Star Wars and Hollywood Is Dead Artist), and Ric Viers (Author of The Sound Effects Bible and CEO of Blastwave FX) will all be judging your work – with the lights off! Deadline for submissions: November 1, 2011.

For this contest you can download a samplepack, mangle, chop and process the sounds to your heart's content, and even add voices!
All except for music. ;-) Can't have it all right?!

More info and rules can be found on the Blastwave FX website: ... ation.html

... not for the faint of heart! ;-)

Oct 26, 2011 (22:16)
"You may only use sounds from Blastwave FX...

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