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Feb 01, 2012 (1:18)
We are a non-profit and I purchased EZgen5 for $79 and have three websites of my own (organizations') on my two computers. A member of our church who is on staff has her own domain which refers to our site as our does to hers. I tried to load EZGen4 on her computer after developing that site on my computer. . . no go. couldn't find the exe setup file. Are we not allowed to do this? The IP Addy is purchased by her, but benefits our organization. If I CAN do this, where can I get the exe setup file? Thanks.

Feb 01, 2012 (4:26)
i think you mean to say EzGenerator 4? you can ...

Site Admin
Feb 06, 2012 (16:37)
Your EZGenerator license is personal, and can o...

Feb 06, 2012 (20:52)
Thank you for the clarification. I thought sin...

Feb 08, 2012 (13:04)
Interesting comment - I have been using EZG for...

Feb 08, 2012 (18:09)
Yes, Buz, I like EZG4 also. What bothers me is...

Feb 09, 2012 (0:13)
EZG is best used by those a little more technic...

Feb 09, 2012 (18:09)
OK, I'll have to check out the on-line editable...

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