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Mar 09, 2012 (15:58)
Hi, of late i have been playing with Banner Maker, and i meet with a bit of problem.
I try to get the 2 states controller to work, but then it didn't work for me. First i create a rectangle box and have the 2 states controller to move it.
problem is i try with "capture" + "control" but it's still not moving. Can someone tell me how to actually "Capture" it?

i don't know if anyone notice that this Banner Maker is actually a wonderful tools, looking at it is very basic but once you go into it ... just like flstudio... full of wonders.

Admin please give me some guide ...

Thanks & regards

Mar 09, 2012 (20:27)
I forgotten how to use bannermaker, been a long...

Mar 10, 2012 (8:08)
thanks matthewfarmery,it was the x that i didn'...

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