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Scedule in lister\shop

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May 02, 2012 (20:00)
Hi, miro, Atanas.
Now creating site for one of the cinemas in our city.

All works fine. But there is some difficulty with creating scedule of films.
Maybe you could advice somehow.

The idea of scedule is shown on the picture:
There is a table in which there are days and time of chosen film going on.

The ideas in table:
    Past dates become invisible.
    Past time becomes some other color (grey)
    Time can use defined color (with this user can undertand in which cinema hall there will be film in defined time)

Scedule could be used on intertainment sites. So maybe it would be interesting for you.
This is some like calendar module, but in lister shop it could be more powerfull.

Would be very apriciated for any help.
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Atanas Angelov
Site Admin
May 03, 2012 (9:36)
Hi,We're talking about different system here, t...

May 03, 2012 (12:01)
Atanas Angelov wrote:Hi,Anyway, discussed with ...

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