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Linking Shops show/hide products

EzGenerator V4 forum
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May 03, 2012 (17:02)
Hi EZG Team! Intresting question:
Linking Shops: ShopA, ShopB, ShopC
Item1 (show in ShopA, but hide in ShopB and ShopC)
Item2 (show in ShopA and ShopB, but hide in ShopC)
Item3 (show in ShopB, but hide in ShopA and ShopC)
Item4 (show in ShopA, ShopB and ShopC)
How to make this structure?

Idea use %IF% macros, for example:
Add for Items text field: Linking_Shop_ID
Item1 %Linking_Shop_ID% value is: ShopA
Item2 %Linking_Shop_ID% value is: ShopA, ShopB
Item3 %Linking_Shop_ID% value is: ShopB
Item4 %Linking_Shop_ID% value is: ShopA, ShopB, ShopC
And in ShopA page use something like this %IF(%Linking_Shop_ID% contains ShopA, show Item, )%
But I can't understand how to make a condition of "contains".
Any ideas how to implement it?

Atanas Angelov
Site Admin
May 04, 2012 (9:52)
Hi,Linking is used to allow multiple languages ...

May 04, 2012 (10:35)
Hi, Atanas.Everything correctlyShopA - for Belo...

Site Admin
May 08, 2012 (19:55)
hithere is new option in latest update: "l...
Image line

May 08, 2012 (21:42)
Can you elaborate a bit this new feature ?David

Site Admin
May 08, 2012 (22:12)
Image line

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