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Pre-Sale Question

The place to upload Drumaxx presets and discuss programming it.
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May 27, 2010 (16:22)
Hello forum,

I came across the DrumMax Plugin, I'm also on a Mac computer running Digital Performer for the AU version and Metro for the VST.

I'm downloading the demo right now and have a couple of questions.

Does the plugin come with any preset rhythms in the full version?
Do the presets come with some fills/breaks and can they be triggered via midi input?

Here is an example:
In the pianoroll, if I enter a note command on C-1, it plays a verse, in E-1 verse-2, G-1 a chorus, C-2 short break
and so on.

My other question is:

Can the plugin output to an external midi sound generator and record the results to a midi drum track on channel 10 and save the file as a Standard Midi File, i.e, .mid?

Thank you for your time

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