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Getting patterns into logic...Newbie Question

The place to upload Drumaxx presets and discuss programming it.
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Apr 18, 2010 (1:25)
OK, I'm not exactly a newbie to computer based production, but I AM a newbie with the Image Line way of doing things. How do I get the preset patterns in Drumaxxe onto an instrument track in Logic, for that matter, how do I get anything from Drumaxxe into a track that will actually play back. It doesn't seem to behave like all my other AU plugins......either record a midi track from a keyboard or drag the midi sequence for a preset pattern into the track.

Hope someone can help as I really like the sound of Drumaxx....very fresh.

Apr 18, 2010 (2:12)
OK, got it worked out , somehow my keyboard was...

Jan 10, 2013 (1:46)
I don't know if you got an answer but as I was ...

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