EDIT: Removed 50+ Presets (Zen Pack by un.ku)

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Dec 02, 2012 (4:47)
EDIT: Hi Everyone, thanks for all the great feedback. I've drastically revised and expanded this preset pack, so I'm removing the old ones to prevent too much duplication. Keep an eye out for it!!! ;)

Here is a new pack of free presets for you guys. Sakura is such an underdog around here, which is a real shame because some truly interesting things can come out of it.

The pack posted here is actually a heavily revised and expanded version of the one posted in the below link, which I recommend replacing entirely since I've renamed many of the presets, so you may get some duplicates with minor variances. Plus, I think many of the old ones are crap, but that's for you to decide:

In this new pack, a substantial amount of attention was paid to creating some really expressive patches. So the Mod Wheel (for those of you who are without a Midi Controller, you'll want to automate CC1 to get the most out of this pack) factors greatly in many of the presets. Even for the ones that don't specifically say "mod wheel" in the title, I would suggest giving it a wiggle every now and then to see what it does. Sometimes it's pretty subtle.

So without further ado, I hope you all enjoy this.
All I ask is that you please leave a comment. Somewhere down the road I plan on doing the same sort of thing for Harmless. I'd love to know of your favorites and even the ones you don't like.

One tip for Growling Blade: try automating the hi-cut sustain knob. I wish it was an option in the modulation matrix. Oh well.
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un.ku wrote:I'd love to hear some other comment...

Dec 31, 2012 (21:57)
Thanks Beyette. Appreciate the comments!

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