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210+ additional Presets for MORPHINE ? -Mimic Soundbanks by Le Lotus Bleu-

Discuss and exchange Morphine presets
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Aug 06, 2010 (16:55)
To celebrate IL Yard Sales, and for those who just picked up Morphine during this period, or would like to get it :

People wich will purchase any - or both - of our Morphine MIMIC soundbanks until the end of August will receive as a free little gift our Morphine Bonus Pack.

The Bonus pack contains 70 new exclusive presets. The total number of presets for Mimic One + Two + The Bonus Pack is around 210 ++ instruments, including a lot of new spectrums you can play/mangle with.

More details, including tons of audio demos there -----> Mimic One

You can of course only listen to the audio demos to get a feel of what Morphine can do.

Thanks for reading,


Sep 19, 2010 (19:44)
Special sales period extented to the end of Sep...

Oct 31, 2010 (22:43)
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Oct 31, 2010 (23:09)
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Nov 01, 2010 (13:14)
yeah ...thx <2°TRo²³

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