Fun with peak controllers: Powerful automation control

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Thomas Ziano
Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:24 am

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Fun with peak controllers: Powerful automation control

Thought I'd share this way of having unlimited LFO's and ADSR's in the form of 3xOsc's :-)
* Faddicted was probably right when he said this fitted this category better!

You will find the following:

Bass : A simple 3xOsc bass, with the internal SVFx2 filter's Cutoff & Resonance being controller by Peak Controller 1 (Peak Ctrl 1) (+ some effects on the mixer track)
Peak Ctrl 1 : The first peak controller; it's 1 sine, no ADSR just a volume LFO

Pad : A simple 3xOsc pad with detuned saws, and a homemade comb-kind of filter in the EQ2 which is controller by peak controller 2
Peak Ctrl 2 - 1 : Just like all controllers, just 1 sine Very Happy Also just a volume LFO
Peak Ctrl 2 - 2 : An ADSR combined with an LFO (fading in kind of LFO)

Note: These last 2 3xOsc's both go to mixer channel 5 where the peak controller is. You only need one peak controller, one link,
and you can send as much 3xOsc's all with their own volume envelopes/LFO's to that channel.

Note #2: You can control the intensity of the LFO for example by lowering the volume of the note in the piano roll.

Maybe many already know this all, maybe many have better methods of doing the same thing,
but I only found out about this really handy thing a few weeks ago and it's really useful for dnb / dubstep and the like.

AND I thought I could as well contribute something useful to these forums :p

♥ 3x Osc ♥

Crispy Liquids
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Space Whale
Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:35 pm

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