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Apr 17, 2012 (3:17)
I will be posting performance audio clips, tips, and bugs that have to do with Maschine as a controller. Maybe even a performance video every now and then.
I have a paper to write, so I probably won't be posting anything good tonight.

If anybody else is using Maschine, feel free to post up here too!


Apr 18, 2012 (1:16)
You beat me to it. I was doing it wrong.What I ...
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Apr 18, 2012 (1:22)
I quickly checked & it works fine here. Fir...

Apr 18, 2012 (1:27)
gol wrote:I quickly checked & it works fine...

Apr 18, 2012 (1:31)
The Machine is integrated nicely with FL by the...

Apr 18, 2012 (1:32)
Is there a way to permanently display that oran...

Apr 18, 2012 (2:02)
gol wrote:Is there a way to permanently display...

Apr 19, 2012 (0:18)
I like the integration of Maschine and the way ...

Apr 19, 2012 (3:29)
make sure to press this & follow all instru...
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Apr 19, 2012 (8:02)
So I've been playing around with it for a littl...

Apr 19, 2012 (8:10)
Nevermind #1. idk what it was, it is now workin...

Apr 19, 2012 (17:22)
gol wrote:make sure to press this & follow ...

Apr 19, 2012 (21:52)
trancerspacey wrote:gol wrote:make sure to pres...

Apr 19, 2012 (22:43)
Obvious question, but are you runnin Maschine i...

Apr 21, 2012 (17:23)
I'm using Page 6 of the FL Studio template to l...

Apr 21, 2012 (20:17)
working here too. I would just use 'multi link ...

Apr 23, 2012 (18:57)
You missunderstood me: what you both described,...

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Apr 24, 2012 (9:39)
Try copying it to System\Config\Mapping\Generic...

Apr 24, 2012 (16:54)
@ReflexLike I've written above: the files are a...

Site Admin
Apr 24, 2012 (17:12)
Yes, the format has changed a bit.I'm afraid it...

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