FR: show 'last actions performed' list in a Panel

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Mon Apr 23, 2012 2:19 pm

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FR: show 'last actions performed' list in a Panel

While fiddling around with my Launchpad (and FL's support of it so far is absolutely amazing, very very happy and impressed with what you guys have done with it!), I'm finding that I'm sometimes pressing buttons that do things that I'm not expecting. For example, there are buttons that close windows, adjust grid snapping etc... what I'd like is for any actions done like this to appear in a panel at the top of the screen, so that you know what you just did (and undo it if required).

It can also be pretty dangerous if 'Save' is on a hidden button - can easily accidentally overwrite a project with an accidentally messed-up version from button mashing.

A 'panic button' that whips the Launchpad back to the Clip page from wherever it is would be handy as well (tho I see from the help file you can sort of do this with Overview and the round buttons?)

An on-screen indicator of which Page the Launchpad is showing would be handy as well.

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