Is It Possible: Route Playlist Tracks to Mixer Tracks

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Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:48 pm

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Is It Possible: Route Playlist Tracks to Mixer Tracks

Alright, I'm new here, and I've tried searching exhaustively for this, but it seems "Mixer Routing" and "Playlist" comes up a lot, so I figured I'd just ask.
Is it possible to route playlist tracks to mixer tracks, or add effects to playlist tracks?

For example, let's say I had a number of pattens and audio clips, and I want them to be sidechain compressed, but perhaps not all at once. Normally, I'd have to either duplicate each pattern/audio clip, and route one of each to the "dry" mixer track, and the other of each to the "wet" mixer track with the effects (then the patterns become cluttered). Or I could automate the mixer routing for each source individually (also inconvenient). If instead you could route certain playlist tracks to the mixer (or add effects to playlist tracks), it would only take two playlist tracks. It would be much easier, and clips that you wanted both "ducked" and "unducked" versions of would not be required to be duplicated.

I understand this is what "send" tracks are for, but automating effect amounts inside send tracks affects ALL sources routed to it. Furthermore, send tracks require audio to be routed through the send track, so for each clip/patter you would route, you'd have to have two automation lanes. : the "route to send x" amount, and the "route to master track" amount, and their amounts would have to be inverses of each other to the volume stays constant. Perhaps this is possible, or there is some other workaround I am not aware of.

Switching to FLStudio from other, more linear DAWs, this is something you could do quite easily in, say, Cubase or Logic; just have two audio tracks, one with the effects on it and the other without, and then you could just place audio clips on the one corresponding to whether or not you wanted effects. I hope I am making sense here; once again I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find it. Thanks.

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