Creating Monster Growls and Noises - TUTORIAL

Recreations of epic sounds using our products
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Apr 08, 2014 (21:42)
Hey everyone! So this time around I'm showing you the basics on how to manipulate your own voice to create some really awesome creature sounds. This is just the VERY VERY basics of the concept but will give you a great starting point for creating some awesome sounds! Let me know what you think and if you have some techniques you think would add to this effect please post them below!

(I JUST uploaded this so it's still processing the HD version but I wanted to get this topic posted as quickly as I could)

Apr 08, 2014 (23:39)
Sounds awesome! And thanks for doing a quick ex...

Apr 08, 2014 (23:47)
=MaX= wrote:Sounds awesome! And thanks for doin...

Apr 09, 2014 (1:47)
Thank you, it's a really good tutorial!I really...

Apr 09, 2014 (1:53)
Snoku wrote:Thank you, it's a really good tutor...

Apr 09, 2014 (13:54)
At the moment I only have a headset, which I ca...

Apr 09, 2014 (18:49)
Thanks for the support man! I suggest MXL mics...

Nov 11, 2014 (5:09)
RedRaven wrote:Thanks for the support man! I s...

Dec 01, 2014 (12:53)
Nice, stuff. I haven't experiment with Edisons ...

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