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virtual riot - energy drink ( main bass )

Recreations of epic sounds using our products
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Dec 20, 2014 (16:11)
I' started musicmaking this year so don't expect too much. This is where i got after 2 hours of tweaking. Hope someone can give me advice on how to improve the sound i made. What i got so far is. Mine is too metallic i have to get rid of this character and emphasise the vocal aspect and get apply another effects like a phaser or flanger to get the sound i think. I will also try out cutting and adding certain frequencies. I didnt really wanted to replicate the sound the exact same way it is but just try how far i come. What do you think?

I think that the main bass actually consists of two bass sounds maybe i will give it another try and do it that way.

Forgot to mention that i used Sytrus for this one.


what i like about the original sound that it seems so clean carved out and coated with a filter. At least that's the way i perceive it. now :D


okay i realise i shouldnt have add the kick, it has an annoying sound in the highs and its louder than the bass itself :D Anyone else facing the problem of loosing hearing sensitivity after some hours of sounddesign? Cause now i realised it in an instant but when i was doing it i didnt hear it.
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Dec 29, 2014 (22:50)
Not bad, the melody seems spot on.For me the or...

Dec 31, 2014 (2:53)
Hey thank you for your comment For me the orig...

Jan 02, 2015 (2:11)
Absolutely spot on!

Jan 09, 2015 (17:34)
R3B0P wrote:Absolutely spot on!cool thanks

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