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Wavecandy monitoring suite

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Mar 05, 2013 (1:56)
I made a series of 4 wavecandy plugins in a row, that show all 4 of the different views.

I use it on my (selected) track on my mixer, along with a tuner, to monitor whatever channel I click on in the mixer.

(EDIT) Just realized that I am in 2 monitor mode (second monitor up, and to the right) if this is a problem for anyone who downloads it. I have all the monitoring plugins sent over to the second monitor.
Wave Candy Monitoring suite.fst (6.55 KiB) Downloaded 60 times

Mar 05, 2013 (2:46)
I only have 1 mon. Thanks though. This is cool!

Mar 05, 2013 (3:12)
Jesse! wrote:I only have 1 mon. Thanks though. ...

Mar 07, 2013 (3:08)
They were at the top right so I pulled them dow...

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