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Automating from inside Patcher

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Apr 19, 2011 (0:57)
Hi Folks,

I have two formula controllers inside patcher. I have two patcher knobs going to the a and b knobs of both formula controllers. One formula controller has the formula "b+a". The other has "b-a". How do I get the output from these controllers back into FL? I can do it without patcher, but it would be nice to have this setup as a preset for reuse.

posRange.fst (3.37 KiB) Downloaded 134 times Patcher preset

Jun 16, 2011 (13:02)
Yeah, sadly ffc doesnt seem to work properly in...

Jun 16, 2011 (14:16)
Sending internal controllers from inside Patche...

Jun 16, 2011 (14:17)
Morphy wrote:Yeah, sadly ffc doesnt seem to wor...

Jan 16, 2012 (22:02)
Ah! I was trying to make this work today using ...

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