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EQ and Midi Request

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Aug 20, 2011 (17:10)
I would like to make a feature request:

1. An adjustable EQ/equalizer. Maybe some selectable presets of famous mixers like the Pioneer DJM 800 or Allen & Heath? Or maybe just a parametric knob/frequency adjustment in the set up
(The EQ on my gemini mixer are not too great either)

2. and this was stated elsewhere on the forums by some one else, but I wanted to make sure it was here:
You need to be able to link one MIDI CC to various controls. an example would be to be able to map bass for each deck to the crossfader and have that adjust when crossfading etc.

Oct 07, 2011 (21:45)
Yeah, could definitely use more control over th...

Mar 01, 2012 (9:02)
+1the software is great , except for the EQ, wh...

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