Access violation loading Retrologue.vst3

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Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:58 pm

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Re: Access violation loading Retrologue.vst3

reflex wrote:
Horizon-F wrote:
reflex wrote:Does it work in FL 32bit btw?

I tested it a few times, here are the results:

1st time: No crashes.
2nd time: One instance of Retrologue failed to open ("Failed to send settings to plugin Retrologue" or something along those lines)
3rd time: No crashes.
4th time: No crashes :o
5th time: No crashes :shock:

This is actually quite interesting. It seems that the project opens much better in the 32 bit version.

Is the plugin bridged at any time?

What happens if you bridge it manually?

The project I use to test this issue has all 64 bit native Retrologues, it seems. Those crash too.
However, some of them are VST2 and some are VST 3.5.1.
One instance that is VST 3 resets it's channel name in an odd way once the project loads. In the Channel Rack I've named the synth "Big Wave", but once the projects opens, it sets the name to "VST - User factory/factory/Big Wave". Big Wave is the name of the preset in Retrologue. This instance sometimes crashes, but most of the time works. But the renaming is a bit concerning.

And if by manually bridging you mean to load a 64bit version of Retrologue in FL32, it bridges just fine. I saved the project and opened it in FL12 32bit and FL12.5 beta [build 50] and FL12 64bit and the last one was the only one in which it crashed.

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