FL Studio MIDI Sync Issue

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Sat Sep 23, 2017 1:34 pm

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FL Studio MIDI Sync Issue

I am trying to send MIDI sync to Polyend SEQ.

Under "Options", "Enable MIDI master sync" is checked, and under "Settings", "MIDI settings", "Output", port is chosen for SEQ and "Send master sync" is selected.

The problem is, when I press Play in FL, the first column of steps on SEQ starts blinking and it won't play.

If I then press Stop in FL, the first column of steps on SEQ stops blinking.

SEQ normally receives clock from Ableton Live via USB and from other Hardware sources via MIDI DIN.

In some other thread, I've read that the same problem, but with other sequencer, was solved by deselecting and selecting again "Send master sync".

When I tried that, strange thing happened:

I've deselected and selected again "Send master sync" many times, like 30 times, each time pressing Play and Stop to see if anything changed.

And out of those 30 times, 2 times resulted in SEQ play normally like it should. But, pressing then "Stop" and again "Play", resulted in again just the first column of steps in SEQ blinking and it won't go forward.

Any ideas what might be the issue here and how to solve it?

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