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Nov 13, 2007 (20:30)
It's a subject that comes back often, so I'm gonna explain how to organize your plugins, and why it's better to do it in the browser.

1. prepare a place where you want to access your plugins structure. Better put this where the browser can already access it, but you can set it up somewhere else, and make the browser point to (hint: drop files onto the browser, and it will automatically jump to the file, and add the folder if necessary).

2. load each of your fav plugins, switch to the preset you use the most, and save it in your structure. You will then access your plugins from the browser.

Why is this better?

-because you're not only storing plugins, but also presets. Meaning that you can have your fav 4 reverb presets of the same plugin, then 2 of another plugin, in your 'reverb' category. Dropping those presets onto a mixer slot will then, in 1 single drag, create the plugin & load the preset

-because the same plugin can appear in different categories

-because you can not only store plugin presets, but mixer track presets, that is, plugin chains

Common noob complaints about this system:

-"but it's tedious, I have 50.000 plugins"
You may have 50.000 plugins, but you're not using 50.000 plugins.
You don't have to categorize all your plugins at once (you will add new ones over time anyway), you just save your preset when you've opened your plugin. If opening a plugin is too tedious, that means you're not using it, and you don't really want it in your list.

You could also download a sorted list from someone who's sharing his work. If you don't own all of the plugin he has, no problem, FL won't load them, and FL8 will even let you find them easily at KVR or in google.
In the past, FL came with such a list, but we removed it due to complaints/misunderstanding. Maybe we will bring it back in a forum in the future.

-"the browser is too crowded"
Just switch to a snapshot (browser's title-bar), name it "plugins", jump to the root of your list & open it all, check 'frozen' in the snapshot list, and there, you can now quickly access your list by switching to that snapshot.

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